Wedding Collections

+ Pricing begins at $1800

+ All collections include digital download of all high resolution edited images

+ Online gallery of all images for viewing, downloading, sharing, & ordering prints

+ Official signed print release so you may print images anywhere you choose 

+ Images delivered within 30 days of wedding date 

Please use the contact form to request your free copy of my Lookbook with lots of details about coverage, pricing, inclusions, and my approach to shooting the wedding day. 


Engagment & Portrait Sessions

+ Engagment, Family, and Individual portrait sessions are $300

+ All collections include digital download of at least 75 high resolution edited images

+ Online gallery of all images for viewing, downloading, sharing, & ordering prints

+ Official signed print release so you may print images anywhere you choose

+ Images delivered within 2 weeks of shoot date

Please use the contact form to book your session! 

What to Wear


+ Accessorize! Add scarves, statement necklaces, and colorful cardigans/layers. 

+ Feel free to bring a change of clothes. We can shoot half of your images in a dressier outfit, and the other half in more casual attire. 

+ Wear color! 

+ Take test photos on your phone so you can see how you look in your oufit. 

+ Wear something that makes you feel confident. 

+ Dress up! Dress a step above your every day attire. Remember your photo shoot is special! 

+ Coordinate colors/tone. Pick a few main colors and work them together in the outfits of the different members of the shoot.



x Wear athletic shoes, gym attire, or brightly colored sneakers unless your shoot is at a sports venue or sports theme.  

x Have the entire family wear the same outfit; coordinate colors instead.  

x Wear clothing with words or lettering, as they can be distracting and hard to read in photos. 

x Wear tiny prints (i.e. small plaid on men's button down shirts.) It can create an odd distortion on camera. Larger plaid and prints looks great though! 

x Competing prints (i.e. one person should not wear large floral print and another person in a busy print.)


I am happy to offer additional fashion advice if needed! If you have questions about your outfit, just email or text me a photo before the day of your shoot. 


Why are photography sessions costly?  

When you invest in a photography session for your engagement, family, or individual portraits, you are placing your confidence and money in the experience, excellence, and equipment of your photographer. 

Experience: I have been a photographer since 2008. Working with many different clients for over 9 years has allowed me to practice directing clients in posing, creating a consistent photo style, and reaching a higher level of professionalism. 

Excellence: I have the knowledge, confidence, and ability to execute your photography session while creating an enjoyable, exciting, and satisfying client experience. I deliver timely, consistently beautiful images. I guarantee my work, and if you are not 100% satisfied with any part of your photo session, I will re-shoot the images if needed. 

Equipment: I use professional grade camera and image editing equipment. While it is more costly, I choose this equipment because it helps me produce the clearest, sharpest, most authentically colored images for my clients. My images are also extremely high resolution so clients can create large prints, canvases, etc. of any size if desired. 


Where do you conduct sessions? 

I love to travel and I have shot wedding and portrait sessions in Ohio, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York. I am eager to add your city & state to my growing list! I've shot on the coast, by the mountains, in forests, and in the beautiful, lush, Midwest. 

I love the Ohio parks and rural areas. Some of my favorites areas to shoots are in fields of tall grass, on farms with rustic barns, in front of crossbuck and split rail fences, near horse stables and historic homes, in colorful gardens, and under large trees with hanging branches. If you have a special location in mind for your shoot, I am open to your idea! I can also provide several location ideas if desired.